Tanglebriar Nubians

Healthy, happy, hand-raised dairy goats.

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Tanglebriar Nubians

Elita Baldridge


1115 Road 135

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Current kids

             SpiceSpace Ranger

Spice was paired with Space Ranger this year.  Parian is retired, and we were hoping for a little doeling out of Space Ranger and Spice to be her successor.  However, Spice produced this huge, gorgeous boy (11.2 lbs at birth!) on 17 February 2021.  We're not sorry, he's lovely.
Tanglebriar Quasar: AVAILABLE $250
Tanglebriar Quasar

                     Nubian goat standing on a stumpEverest
I liked this pairing from last year so much that I decided to repeat it this year.  Reason has a pretty thick neck, and Everest did a great job adding some refinement to Reason, producing a fabulous doeling last year.  Reason produced two lovely babies, a doeling (7.8 lbs.) and a buckling (9.0 lbs.) on 13 February 2021.
Tanglebriar Long Haul Trucker: AVAILABLE $250
Tanglebriar Trucker

Tanglebriar Taxi on the Town: SOLD
                          on the Town

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