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2016 goatlings are all born, and were in three sets of twins, which I though was pretty incredible for first fresheners.  All the kids seem to be healthy, personable, good looking little goatlings who would be an excellent edition to any herd.

Provincia Pure Reason to Blissberry MW Renegade


Doeling has white crown and solid ears, buckling has white crown and blaze and frosted ears. 

Reason's goatlings are turning out to be very personable and assertive little goats.  The buckling is a big muscular little fellow, and the doeling is a strong little girl who will leap into my lap at every opportunity.

Provincia Flight of Fancy to Blissberry MW Renegade


Buckling has white crescent and solid ears, doeling has white crown, frosted ears and nose.

Fancy's goatlings have both lovely temperaments and gorgeous flashy spotted coats.  The buckling seems to have inherited Renegade's laid back, sweet personality, which should make him an excellent buck to have around when he grows up.  The doeling has more of Fancy's sweet, inquisitive temperament, and she tends to check out various portions of the pen before circling back to check in and get some love.  

Marmalade Spice had an illicit liason with a grade buck before coming to the herd, and despite her initial ordeal of living in the woods for a week, she seems to have settled regardless.  Though Spice's kids will not be registerable, Spice is a beautiful little doe with good body capacity for her size and possibly the nicest head and neck of my does, and her bucklings are lovely regardless.  


The buckling born first is a nice reddish brown, with frosted ears and crown, and the second buckling is a beautiful walnut color with solid ears.

Spice's twin bucklings

Spice's twins were 6.6 lbs each at birth, and they were pretty cramped in little Spice, so they are taking a little while to unfurl.  Both had some contracted tendons in their front legs, which worked itself out in a few days.  They had no problems getting up and walking about regardless, and were soonest to stand up and walk around of the kids this year, and are very sweet little fellows who are doing great and holding their own with Reason and Fancy's twins.

Kids as they grow...

Reason doeling: Tanglebriar Vostok Valentina "Valentine": 1st kid born 2016.

 She is a pocket goat: it's very hard to get good pictures of her, as she is almost always in my lap, and she loves the attention.  I think she will grow up to be a Reason 2.0.  Beautiful with the solid ears with a few speckles and the big heart shaped spot on the side.  Her coat has a little frosted colored bolero jacket, and I think she may develop a few moonspots as well as she matures.

Reason buckling: Tanglebriar Mission to Mars"Orion": 2nd kid born 2016.

He's a gentle giant of a buckling, very sweet and sociable.  He's the calmest and the sweetest of the goatlings, and loves to climb up in a lap and lay down.  He's very handsome with his large, muscular frame, white blaze on his face, frosted ears, and large white flags on either side of his copper colored coat.

Fancy buckling: Tanglebriar Man on the Moon "Apollo": 3rd kid born 2016

He's the most independant of the kids and the champion napper of the bunch, as well as goatling most likely to be a pillow.  With his deep brown flashy spotted and flagged coat, black dorsal stripe and white crescent shaped marking on his forehead with his solid ears, he's an incredibly striking buckling.

Fancy doeling: Tanglebriar Flight Feathers "Feather": 4th kid born 2016

She's a sweet little doeling, and while she likes to snuggle, also spends plenty of time exploring.  Adorable and a show-stopper with the frosted ears and nose, a white crown, and a dusting of spots on her walnut brown coat.  She's also got the white sparkles around her eyes like her mother, Fancy. 

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