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Tanglebriar Nubians

Elita Baldridge


1115 Road 135

Emporia, KS 66801






Current kids


Spice kidded 11 Feb 2020 with triplet doelings.  It was a very easy kidding, as per usual with  Spice, which is one of her most delightful qualities.  She is also keeping up with enough production to feed all of her ravenous little doelings.
Satin Doll
Tanglebriar Satin Doll (SOLD), 7.8 lbs. at birth.  Satin is a very outgoing, adventurous little doeling.

Velvet Night
Tanglebriar Velvet Night (Retained), 8.4 lbs. at birth.  Velvet is another very outgoing goat, who has a tendency to hop into my lap at feeding time.

Tanglebriar Silk Road (SOLD), 6.0 lbs. at birth.  Silk is a very sweet little goat, who is not pushy at feeding time.  She also has a great turn of speed when racing around with the other kids.
                     Nubian goat standing on a stumpEverest
Reason kidded 26 Feb 2020 with one lovely doeling, Tanglebriar Clarion Call, weighing in at a whopping 9.8 lbs.  She is almost the same size as everyone else, despite being quite a bit younger.  She was also born with a big voice, much like her dam, hence her name, Clarion.  

Tanglebriar Clarion Call (Retained)

               Spotted Nubian goat standing under treeFoxtrot

Parian kidded on 17 February 2020 with two healthy kids, a doeling and a buckling.  The twins' delivery was a bit harrowing, as they were big and trying to come out at the same time, so a little rearrangement was required.  Both kids are heavily moonspotted.

 Tanglebriar Hera (SOLD), 9 lbs. at birth.  Hera has the same sweet, easy-going temperament of her dam, Parian.

Space Ranger
Tanglebriar Space Ranger (Retained), 8.6 lbs. at birth.  Ranger is very outgoing and a sweet little fellow, although he can be a mighty scrapper at feeding time.

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