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My first two "foundation" does for Tanglebriar Nubians are Reason and Fancy, full sisters out of Dan-Jud's Painted Miss Miley and Blissberry FM Tahoe from Christy Harris at Providence Hill Farm in Atchison, KS, who has been a fantastic goat mentor.  For their first breeding, I leased Blissberry MW Renegade from Christy, and I am very pleased with the quality of their kids.  My third doe is Spice, who I purchased as a yearling from Amanda Harmon at Marmalade Hollow in Atchison.  Although Spice had her own ideas on who her first mate should be, she has produced lovely, though unregistered kids the first time around for 2016, and then we'll have registered kids in future years.  I added a fourth doe, four year old Parian, in 2017 from Old Paths Homestead in Oklahoma.  All my does have tested negative for the G-6-S alleles.  I have also tested the does for the alpha s1 casein variants (more alpha s1 casein= more cheese/volume of milk, but less alpha s1 casein may make the milk more digestable). 

Nubians goats eating a winter

Current Does

Provincia Pure Reason "Reason"

Reason is a confident and assertive goat, and the benevolent dicatator of the herd after me. While she respects that I am herd boss, she likes to check periodically to make sure that is still true, so she keeps me on my toes. She's a big, gorgeous goat, and she knows it, having a fondness for putting her hooves on things so she can stand on her hind legs and fling her head back in what we like to call her supermodel pose.  Reason posesses the A/B alleles for the alpha-s-1 casein gene, which correlates to high casein production (more cheese per volume of milk).     

Marmalade Spice "Spice"

Spice is the third of my foundation does, purchased from Amanda Harmon at Marmalade Hollow in Hutchison, KS as a yearling.  Spice is the smallest of my does, and a total sweetheart, though she is the most alert, and can be a little skittish.  She can also jump like a deer, and tends to walk like a dancer.  Though the smallest and lowest in the herd hierarchy, Spice has adjusted to her new herd well, and uses her small size to squeeze in between Reason and Fancy at chow time and kneel while eating, which makes her pretty much impossible for the other goats to get her out of the way. Spice posesses the B/N alleles for the alpha-s-1 casein gene, which correlates to an intermediate casein production (intermediate amount of cheese per volume of milk, intermediate amount of protein for folks sensitive to it).   

Buttercup Acres Parian "Parian"

Parian was purchased from Old Paths Homestead in Newalla, Oklahoma as a four year old.  She is a very calm, sweet girl, who has ended up being a wonderful addition to the herd. Parian has a sweet expression and those lovely classic Nubian belled ears.  She is very people oriented and affectionate, and brings that charming personality to the milking stand, always a joy in a dairy goat.  She integrated into the herd beautifully with very little conflict. She is the most easy going of the does.  Parian is G6S negative, and tested B/B for alpha-s-1 casein gene, so all of her kids will possess at least one high production allele.

Buttercup Acres Parian

Past Does

Provincia Flight of Fancy "Fancy"

Fancy was a darling, affectionate goat, who always wanted to know what is going on, and if it could be messed with.  Fancy once leapt into the middle of a haystack that I had just finished piling up for the evening, rolled down the side, and lay in the ruin of all my hard work, munching happily.  She was the safecracker of the bunch, and the latch to the milking room had be immediately clipped once closed, or Fancy would have it open in no time.  Fancy posessed the A/B alleles for the alpha-s-1 casein gene, which correlates to high casein production (more cheese per volume of milk).  Her full sister, Reason is carrying on the family lines.

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