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Provincia Flight of Fancy


Fancy was born 4 April 2014 as one of three doelings, and has grown up to be a very sweet and darling goat.  She's got quite the set of problem solving skills, she's very good at manipulating latches with her clever little goat lips and tongue, and she likes to mess with things just to see what happens.  Fancy has had a bit of trouble with her udder as a first freshener, which I am pretty sure was largely, if not entirely due to operator error in applying teat tape, resulting in an abraded teat which then caused some problems with congestion, etc.  Fancy is now working through that, and her udder is now starting to balance out.  She is giving about 3 quarts a day, and she is a very easy and fast goat to milk. Though her udder is not ideal conformation-wise with her large cone-shaped teats, those big teats do make easy, fast and fun work of the milking.  Fancy is great fun on the milking stand, and is always cheerful at hopping up and standing like a good girl, though if there is really nice alfalfa in the hay rack, she starts sliding around with excitement because she is leaning into the hay so much.  Fancy posesses the A/B variants of the alpha-1-casein gene, which correlate to high cheesemaking production.

Fancy's udder as a first freshener one month after freshening.

First freshener Fancy's udder one month after freshening.

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