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Provincia Pure Reason


 Reason was born 4 April 2014 as one of three doelings.  She was a big doeling, and she's shaped up to be a big doe, too.  She's got a lot of presence and confidence, and is always the first on the milking stand, as she feels is her right as herd boss.  She's also the ringleader of goat hooliganism, and can be relied upon to lean on the fence and snicker in goat at the humans doing chores. Reason has been performing well for a first freshener, and has been giving 3/4 to a gallon of milk a day one month after kidding.  I'm also very pleased with how her udder has developed, and she milks well from a mechanical perspective.  I would like to say that she has impeccable manners on the milking stand, but well, she's Reason-goat.  We're working on it.  Reason posesses the A/B alleles for the alpha-s-1 casein gene, which correlates to high casein production (more cheese per volume of milk).   

Reason's udder one month after freshening as
                      a first freshener.

First freshener Reason's udder one month after freshening.

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