Tanglebriar Nubians

Healthy, happy, hand-raised dairy goats.

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Tanglebriar Nubians

Elita Baldridge


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Tanglebriar Nubians are bred to be healthy, well put together, productive dairy goats with excellent personalities.  

Because goats need to be part of a herd, I will not sell any single goats to anyone who does not have another goat, or who is not planning on getting another goat in the very near future.

Kids will be disbudded, tattooed, vaccinated/wormed, raised on pasteurized milk, and registered if purchased weaned.  If purchased as a bottle baby, they will not be old enough for vaccinations, so they will not have been vaccinated.  (The herd is regularly tested for CAE, CL, and Johne's disease (current for 2018, with a closed herd since then, and all of my foundation stock was purchased from CAE free herds).  Any bucklings that I would not use in my own breeding program will be sold as wethers.

Tanglebriar Nubians follows the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices as established in the ADGA member guidebook.

All does and doelings sold for 2021.

Tanglebriar Long Haul Trucker: AVAILABLE $250
Tanglebriar Trucker
Tanglebriar Quasar: AVAILABLE $250
Tanglebriar Quasar

If you are interested in purchasing a goat, please contact me (Elita) at goats@tanglebriar.com