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Marmalade Spice


Spice was born 5 March 2014, and I purchased her as a yearling.  Although we had a bit of a rocky start together, she's a sweet and pretty little goat, and I'm glad to have her as one of my foundation does.  Spice is at the complete bottom of the barnyard hierarchy, and while Reason and Fancy chase the chickens, the chickens have been know to get their revenge on goats by chasing Spice.  Spice is a sweetheart of a little goat, and wants love and snuggles the most of my does.  She especially likes hugs around the neck, when she can then nuzzle the face of the hugger.  Less than two weeks after freshening, Spice is producing consistently about 3 quarts a day, and she was naturally a dream on the milking stand, and stood like a statue completely unsecured in the kidding pen while I milked her colostrum out.  Although Spice has a great little udder to milk, she is rather weak in the fore udder attachment, which is something that we will try to work on in future generations.  Spice posesses the B/N alleles for the alpha-s-1 casein gene, which correlates to an intermediate casein production (intermediate amount of cheese per volume of milk, intermediate amount of protein for folks sensitive to it).   

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