Tanglebriar Nubians

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Tanglebriar Nubians

Elita Baldridge


1115 Road 135

Emporia, KS 66801






Current kids

Ransom   Fancy

Fancy had a difficult kidding this year, starting on the 18th of February with her last kid being delivered a day later, with two surviving bucklings out of three.  The little fellows and Fancy are both doing well, and  I think that they are likely to be good candidates for showing, but will also do very well in a home dairy position. Fancy and Ransom possess two alleles for high cheese production, so all her offspring will also have the genes for high cheese production.


Tanglebriar Arrow (SOLD)


Tanglebriar Archer (SOLD)

                               Planned pedigree Ransom x Spice

Ransom           Spice

I was extremely pleased with the pairing of Ransom and Spice from last year.  She produced a very sturdy, quick growing buckling who looked very much like his sire.  Spice kidded with two healthy babies, a doeling and a buckling on 17 February.  They are typical Spice babies, sturdy, healthy, and quick growing.  She's my smallest goat, but she makes some big babies and has great production for her size.

Tanglebriar Nutmeg (RETAINED)

Tanglebriar Mace (SOLD)

                               Planned pedigree Ransom x Parian

Ransom      Parian

Parian produced one lovely surviving doeling out of triplets.  She was sold as a yearling.


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