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Spice's Kidding

Spice had twin bucklings on the 13th of March around noon. She almost had her kids in the paddock, but I spotted her laying down tucked into the fenceline, and hustled her into the kidding room. Both kids were born healthy and strong, and Spice seems to be doing great and is being an absolute sweetheart about milking.  As her placenta was hanging out, I didn't want to move her onto the milking stand, but I wanted the colostrum for her babies, and so I milked 300mL of colostrum from her into a cup kneeling on the floor of the barn with her completely unsecured.  I think she is going to have a nice looking udder, and she seems very easy to milk so far.  

Spice's twin bucklings

Spice had a lovely red and white boy with frosted ears, born first, and a dark walnut colored little fellow with solid ears, both 6.6 lbs at birth.

More pictures of Spice's kids can be found on the Tanglebriar Goats Tumblr.

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