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Fancy's Kidding

Fancy had twins, a buckling and a doeling on the 13th of February around 6:00 in the evening.  She had a harder time kidding than Reason, as her buckling was over 7 pounds and her doeling was over 5, but both kids were born healthy and strong, and Fancy is doing great and is producing milk like a champ for a first freshener.  Her first day of producing milk (not colostrum) she gave over a liter and a half of milk!  She had a small abrasion on one of her teats from a piece of straw that got under the teat tape, which I had put on in case she had an unattended kidding, but it seems to be healing up nicely.  She's easy to milk, and she's a great sport about it, even with the sore teat.  

Both of Fancy's kids are quite flashy, a beautiful deep reddish-brown with the dark dorsal stripe and white spots and flags.  The buckling has solid ears and a white cresent on his forehead, and the doeling has frosted ears and a white crown and nose.

More pictures of Fancy's kids can be found on the Tanglebriar Goats Tumblr.